What to Eat After your Tour


Puerto Vallarta is known for it’s sun and sea but also for it’s wonderful restaurants. The food is so exquisite that first-time visitors always come back for more. It also has a huge variety of options and you’re offered an exceptional quality of food.

During the last three decades, chefs from all over the world have expanded the culinary art beyond seafood and Mexican food. You’ll find cuisine from almost every place of the world, from kebabs to street-side tacos and neighborhood fondas. You’ll also find fancy restaurants, palapas, and humble spots in every corner of the city.

The trend of today is the restaurant-tour, which are a combination of dining and touring. It provides places to visit with the locals and dining rooms with its bar-restaurant. On the other hand, you also have the popular palapas found in every beach, where you can wear your flip-flops and eat fish fillets, snacks, and beer.

Some of the the typical local dishes are:

  • Pescado embarazado. This local dish is fish roasted on a stick. It’s prepared by grilling fish marinated in lime over coals, then served with huichol salsa.
  • Birria. One of the favorites, it includes goat or lamb meat, boiled in a spicy sauce that includes cumin, oregano and ginger.
  • Pozole. Is prepared with pork or chicken meat, seasoned with chili and includes a special popped corn. Once served you can eat it with lettuce, radishes and tostadas.
  • Tamales. The local version is prepared with white corn dough that is filled in the middle with either salty or sweet options. The most populars are “verdes” or “rojos”, the dough is then wrapped in corn leaves and steamed.
  • Tortas ahogadas. These sandwiches are made with a special local white bread called “birote”, that is then stuffed with pork meat in pieces and then covered with spicy chili and tomato sauce.
  • Tequila, Mezcal, and Raicilla. The perfect addition to these dishes are drinks. You’ll find, beers and wines from the country, and of course the delicious regional tequila.

You can find all of these amazing local dishes in all of our tours after living all the excitement and adventure, our team will take you to the restaurant at the end. Welcome to the experience that will make you feel our Mexico. Enjoy the buffet dinner, beer, margaritas, salad bar, meat, poultry, desserts bar.

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