Off-road Adventures


This unique opportunity to explore unknown roads can be experienced in many ways, but there’s no way you can’t travel these trails without our vehicles of pure fun.

The adrenaline will travel your entire body every time you accelerate these small vehicles totally equipped to provide efficiency and effectiveness so that you can drive any type of ground you might face, some of the accessories available for these vehicles are the luminous bars of led which will keep the road illuminated no matter the condition, fog lamps, music players with waterproof speakers -allowing the driver pass through any type of ground.

Prepare yourself to feel the mud in your glasses and any other fly, since these vehicles are only designed with a tubular box for safety, you’ll feel like you’re flying over the ground and will experience the road without any restrictions.


Although these vehicles seem to lack protection, they have seat belts which will make sure you stay on your seat enjoying the best place to see the amazing road full of fun, adrenaline, and excitement.

If you’re looking for more intense emotion, we have the ATVs available so that your trip is an unforgettable experience. Nothing compares to the emotion of dominating the trails with these amazing machines of speed and fun.

Exploring new trails always generates some kind of unexplainable emotion, and with these fun toys the emotion is way better since you’re allowed high speed and domination of any kinds of difficult grounds.

There’s nothing better than enjoying these amazing landscapes and unforgettable roads of Mexico, adding this element of high levels of adrenaline and emotions (not so apt for heartaches) it’s the perfect combination between extreme sports and speed, and of course the discovery of new memories that will always be in our minds.

Come and live these amazing emotions with us and experience what it’s like to live to the extreme. For more information, call us! +52 322 222 0560

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