Day of the Dead in Puerto Vallarta

In Puerto Vallarta, the dead will soon walk among the living and the party will begin. Starting on October 29th and continuing on through November 2nd, our loved ones will rise from their graves and join us in celebration.

Mexican ancient history says that when a person dies their spirit lives on Mictlan which is a place where spirits rest peacefully until the Day of the Dead when they return to their homes to visit their families.

Nowadays, Mexican families go to the cemetery and decorate their relatives’ graves, and make altars in their homes to invite the spirits to come back and visit them.

Throughout different cities in Mexico the Day of the Death festivities are full of art, religion, life and humor that come together to form music, tears, and very bright colors from the night of October 31st until November 2nd.

In Puerto Vallarta, the Tourism Board is working along the producers of Vallarta Pride to extend its Day of the Dead Celebrations into a five-day cultural festival. The festival will include a series of events and activities to make the celebrations unforgettable. This beautiful city will combine traditional Day of the Dead customs, with new artistic interpretations. There will be altars and Catrina displays located in several public places, parades, music, dance performances, street party, and Dead-themed movies, photo exhibition, and a lot of fun.

One of the festival’s more distinguished activity is the “Day of the Dead Passport” that will join locals and tourists in this amazing celebration by inviting them to visit altars, restaurants, public places, hotels, and businesses in downtown where their “passport” will be stamped. These stamps will give the participants the chance to win prizes in a raffle.

If you also want to celebrate this tradition, Puerto Vallarta is the perfect city to visit. They not only celebrate the Day of the Dead, but also Halloween since there is a relation thanks to the Mexican contemporary society. So, if you happen to be celebrating Halloween in Puerto Vallarta, you’ll find plenty of fun and frightening activities for all ages to enjoy.

Come and join the locals in these amazing festivities. And in your stay in Puerto Vallarta,  experience our Canopy River tours full of excitement and adventure, for more information call us! +52 322 222 0560

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