Jorullo Bridge, the top attraction in Puerto Vallarta

The Longest Vehicle Suspension Bridge in the World is a work that has impacted young and old throughout Mexico and the world, from the journey to reach the facilities of the Canopy River park, you will be able to observe the variety of vegetation that feeds the Cuale River, the warmth of the people who greet you when they see you go by, with a pleasant look that even makes you smile; You will not feel the 30 minutes that are traveled from the center of the city until you reach the park, you will notice that there is much to enjoy.

When you get to the starting point, we can either take an all-terrain vehicle like ATV or RZR or better yet, walk across thE Jorullo Bridge, I highly recommend that you do this in the course of the morning where the weather is very pleasant and the sun’s rays are warm and more enjoyable; We walked about 10 minutes from side to side, traveling the 470 meters long, observing the beautiful flora that is perceived very small below us, the 360 ​​view is unmatched because you are surrounded by green mountains of the Sierra Madre, and if you look down, you will see the Cuale river that seems like a thread that gets lost between the rocks, it is really impressive!

As if that were not enough, on the other side of the Jorullo Bridge there is a small palapa where you can rest by squatting in a hammock and enjoying a refreshing drink observing how impressive Mother Nature is.


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