Reasons to Connect with Nature in Puerto Vallarta

You probably have noticed that you feel happier if you spend time in nature; one of the theories says that we love nature because we evolve in it, we need it for our well being since it is in our DNA. Once you start reconnecting with Mother Nature, amazing things will start happening to your mind and body.


Firstly, it has health benefits. It is about soaking the sunshine, breathing fresh air and walking around. It is also great to disconnect from your world; it turns off distractions that can cause stress and drain your energy, offering the perfect environment to recharge your mind and body.


Secondly, the way everything interacts is great! Observe how other species interact with each other, smell the plants around you, and listen to the sounds that other animals create. Pay attention to the colors, smells and textures; identify how each element affects your senses.


Puerto Vallarta is a great place to interact with nature. It offers several atmospheres from breezy beaches to lush jungles; take  time apart from your vacations schedules so you can really get to know the natural diversity this destination has.


At Canopy River we offer several tours that will show you the beauty of this city. Each tour has a portion of adrenaline so you can enjoy something out of the routine. As well, our tour guides will immerse you into the cultural and biological facts of the place you’re visiting, so this trip would not be only fun, but also educational.


if you are planning on going on a tour in Puerto Vallarta, this eco-tour company is an excellent option for the whole family, for more information, contact us +52 322 222 0560.

Photo Credit: Holly and Mark

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