Know More About Rio Cuale

The Rio Cuale is one of the seven rivers that are born in the Sierra Madre Mountains, this special river divides Puerto Vallarta into two: Old (Romantic Zone) and New Puerto Vallarta. In the middle of the River you will find an island, very similar to an oasis, here you will find handcrafts, restaurants and, even, art classes.


But the true adventure happens when you visit the Rio Cuale more towards the jungle, you will pass through beautiful landscapes that will leave you breathless. You will immediately feel the change from the city to the mountains -you will pass through rivers and gorgeous scenery.


Eventually, you will arrive to a hidden waterfall where you can relax at a river fed pool- an excellent place to take photos and enjoy the jungle setting. The best part is to share this moment with your beloved ones and gather new memories that will last a lifetime.


To continue with the exploration, take a look to the animals you can see in the area; from parrots to coyotes and iguanas, and ask your tour guide for any extra information he or she can give you about them.


Now, you may be wondering how to get to this paradise, well here at Canopy River, we offer several tours that can show you the richness of this area. These tours mix cultural exploration with the wonder of nature to complement your family vacations.


If you are looking for an adventurous way to get out in the Mexican Pacific air, and enjoy PV’s wild side, you won’t find a better tour company than us!  

For more information about our tours, please call us +1 322 222 0560.

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