Hiking Through Puerto Vallarta’s Beautiful Landscapes Photo:

Probably after spending some days in the gorgeous, but crowded beaches of Puerto Vallarta, you will be looking for places to visit away from other tourists and with stunning flora and fauna. Thanks to its privileged locations, with forest mountains and silky sands. The ocean, too, offers something for almost everyone, from family escapes to ecotourism adventures, but we also, suggest you to go hiking and explore the tropical forests in the area.


Get off the usual track and immerse into the wilds outside of Puerto Vallarta, drive towards the mountain and start climbing the Sierra Madre. Your tour guide will explain to you about the different plants and animals that are unique to this region as you pass the outskirts of this paradise.


You will pass several ranches in the hills before arriving to one of the most beautiful places: The Río Cuale. Here, you can swim in the fresh waters, the perfect way to refresh oneself after a great hiking; you can have a picnic, rest, take pictures and enjoy the natural surroundings.


Once you have experienced the other side of Puerto Vallarta, you will fall more in love with this destination, because, honestly, it has it all!


If you go hiking after reading this post, we recommend you to bring some fundamental things in your backpack. First, do not forget your bug repellent (it will be a lifesaver), bring comfortable shoes, and wear comfortable clothes (they will get nasty).


Do not worry about water or snacks, they are usually provided by the tour company; like in Canopy River, they will arrange everything so you can have an amazing time with your beloved ones.


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