Puerto Vallarta’s Botanical Garden

Looking for something fun and educational to do in Puerto Vallarta? Visit Vallarta Botanical Gardens. You will find several trails through the gardens and jungle, including labeled trees, enhancing the educative family trip.


These gardens support the ecotourism movement that has been happening in the destination, supporting the biodiversity and the preservation of the regional flora and fauna. Therefore, the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Garden offer to the visitors the scientific data of every plant they see.
Besides, being a touristic place, it is also an educational research center of 20 acres of land, featuring more than three thousand different species. Several of the plants on display haven’t been studied carefully.

If you are an orchid lover, here you will find over 100 different types -it is considered a protected area by scientists. It is expected to add 1200 Mexican orchids to the assortment in the upcoming years. The garden is also an ornithological reserve; you will have the opportunity to see different species of birds in their natural habitat.


The Vallarta Botanical Garden is located on the Coastal Highway from Puerto Vallarta to Barra de Navidad, very close to Mismaloya Beach. Do not miss the opportunity to visit this gorgeous place while you vacation in Puerto Vallarta.

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Photo credit: BBC

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