Celebrate Mexican Independence Day in Puerto Vallarta


The Mexican Independence Day is around the corner, better known as El Grito, it is the night when Mexican celebrate their independence from the Spaniards. Parties and celebrations are organized for September 15th and 16th.

If you really want to live the Mexican tradition, visit Puerto Vallarta during this celebration. It is celebrated at the town main squares, with two days of traditional Mexican fiesta full of fireworks, parades, games, Mexican traditional dishes for locals and foreigners.

The streets are decorated across the city with paper flags, garlands and papel picado. You will see vendors with flags, balloons and hats in national colors -this is only in preparation for the party! Then they start gathering on the square and streets to be part of the Grito. The mayor will say the same speech that Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla said in the 1800.The perfect ending for this celebration: fireworks, fill them with pride and happy of being living in an independent country.

The next day (September 16th) early in the morning, a military parade is organized along the main streets of this port, as well as dance performances done by students. What is a fact is that this celebration reaffirms the Mexicanity in every citizen and shows the culture to visitors.

Do not hesitate to visit Puerto Vallarta during this time of the year! You can complement your trip with an ecotourism tour, so you can have a broader idea of what Puerto Vallarta is. For more information, you can contact us at Canopy River 322 222 0560.

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