How to Choose the Right Tour Company

Although sometimes we try to be adventurous and experience a destination by ourselves, truth is we will take one at some point. In some destinations, it is even better to take them as they offer access to places that are inaccessible without them.

Organized tours can be great for first-time travelers unsure about setting out on their own, if you decide to take a tour, here are some aspects to look for in a respectable tour company.


Look on TripAdvisor for the company’s reputation, it can help to your decision making process; check other users’ opinions and find out their experiences during the trip.


Make sure the company uses knowledgeable, local guides. The guy should have a long-term resident in the city our visiting, have travel experience and know the local slang. Remember, these guys will explain everything to you and will keep the flow of the tour.


Make sure the tour company follows all the safety requirements and is accredited by all the appropriate safety organizations from the country you are visiting.

It is also noteworthy to pick a company that provides a great value and gives back to community you are visiting, also if it seeks to minimize the impact on the ecosystem and if it provides information on the local habitat.

Canopy River offers small group tours that use expert guides and helps the environment, if you are planning on going on a tour in Puerto Vallarta, this eco-tour company are an excellent option for the whole family, for more information, contact us +52 322 222 0560.

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