3 Charmingly Restful Places in Puerto Vallarta

Imagine yourself surrounded only by nature. Its calmness is so powerful you will feel relaxed instantly. Well in Canopy River we can help you with that!

  1. Sierra Madre and El Salto. Thanks to the RZR tour you will be able to discover the unknown trails in the stunning Sierra Madre. Admire the scenery from our mountains to the river, where you’ll enjoy the waterfall El Salto and springs that nature has given us. So, come and enjoy the excitement of this tour with the wonderful flora and fauna that are unique of the region such as orchids, Coapinole, parota, species of parrots and macaw in their natural habitat.
  2. Río Cuale. After exploring the extensive variety of flora and fauna inside the mountains of the Sierra Madre, the hiking tour will allow you to take a break and truly enjoy the gifts that nature has given to us. With a stop in the oasis offered by the Cuale River, your body will have the opportunity to swim and cool off a moment and then hike back.
  3. Tiger Cave. The Tour de Mulas will help you explore the mountains of the Sierra Madre. An expert guide will explain you the story of the famous Tiger Cave once you get there. The tour will continue on course riding the wonderful natural set that is located in the middle of the river, where you can also take amazing pictures. This is a great opportunity to not only discover but to take a break while swimming on the big pool nature offers us when we reach the incredible El Salto, too! This ride is perfect to discover the banks of the Cuale River.

Come and visit these amazing and relaxing places in your next trip to Puerto Vallarta. Let us help you explore the wonders of this charming city. For more information, contact us +52 322 222 0560.

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