Zip Line: A trip of adrenaline and speed

Zip Line also known as canopy was invented in Costa Rica by an American biologist called Donald Perry, who implemented it to be able to study the tropical forest. 18 years later the Canadian Darren Hreniuk inaugurated the first public zip line in Monteverde, Costa Rica, creating one of the most fun attractions for speed lovers. Here is a list of the best zip lines around the world:

The Monster: Registered in the Guinness Record as the largest in the world, this zip line is 2.5 kilometers long equivalent to 28 soccer fields. This impressive attraction reaches a speed up to 95 miles per hour and its visitors can enjoy a beautiful trip while flying above what seems like an endless jungle. This attraction is located in Puerto Rico.

Zip2000: It gets its name because it is 2,000 meters long. It reaches up to 160 km/h speed and it is one of the most visited in the world. Located in Sun City in South Africa, one of the cities designed exclusively to offer the most fun to its visitors.

Zipflyer: Believe it or not, in the distant city of Nepal, you will find one of the most impressive zip lines in the world. This attraction flies over a dense forest where you can appreciate Mount Machapuchare, Annapurna, and Seti River. A unique experience that will allow you to fly 1,800 meters at 160 km/h.

Dragon´s Breath: This zip line is located in the beautiful city of Haiti. It is only 800 meters but its great attraction is that users can fly over the beautiful Caribbean Ocean. The trip begins on a hill next to Pirate Bay and descends 150 meters into a rocky formation called “Dragon’s Breath”, hence its name.

Of course Canopy River is not far behind, our main attraction is all 11 lines where you can feel butterflies inside your stomach while you fly above the Cuale River and enjoy the majestic landscapes between the trees only found in Puerto Vallarta. Ask about all our attractions as well as our activities and tours. We are waiting for you!

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