Why Is it Good to Do Ecotourism?

Ecotourism in Mexico is increasing each year, besides being an activity that allows us to get closer to nature and get to know our country, it has many benefits.

Here we mention a few of them:

1. Good for your health

Practicing a sport or outdoor activity is always good to keep us in shape and tone our muscles. Breathing fresh air oxygenates our body and clears our mind. Besides, exercising generates endorphins which eliminate stress and make us feel good. No matter if you practice rappel or if you just walk around the mountains, your body will thank you.

2. Become more aware

Many times we do not realize the wonders that surround us until we get out of our routine. Making a trip for scuba diving, hiking or any other outdoor activity makes us aware of how amazing our planet is and why we need to take care of it.

3. Increase your culture

It is always good to make a trip and learn about other traditions. In the case of ecotourism we can get close to the flora and fauna of the place and learn from it, increasing our general culture.

4. Help preserve the environment

Lots of parks and tours where you practice ecotourism use the money they earn to preserve the natural heritage of the place. So by visiting these places you help preserve their flora and fauna.

5. Live unique experiences

Jumping on a parachute, riding through the rapids or going whale watching are amazing experiences that you will remember forever. Ecotourism allows you to have fun while you connect with nature and your surroundings, giving you one of the best experiences.

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Photo by: Emaze

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