Discover Nature at Canopy River

Coming to Canopy River is not only an experience of adrenaline and adventure, it is also a place to appreciate the nature of Puerto Vallarta and a chance to get to know species that if you do not live here, for sure will never get to see so closely.

Canopy River is located in the Ejido el Jorullo, this area has a great diversity of natural scenarios such as the impressive mountains of the Sierra Madre, the Cuale River, and abundant vegetation.

Every step you take on this place is a new opportunity to discover a great variety of plants, flowers, and characteristic animals of this paradisiac place. Here are some of the species you can see on this site, so open your eyes on your next visit to Canopy River.

Sea toad: This is a fairly large toad that is normally found on land, its gray or brown and is characterized for having warts. Although its appearance is not very aesthetic, it is quite friendly.

Golden silk spider: You can recognize them by their yellow and black legs. It is called so because the threads it weaves shine like gold in the sunlight. Its sting is not lethal, but it can cause pain, redness and blisters, so if you see one it is better that you do not get too close.

Black iguana: Iguanas are very characteristic of Puerto Vallarta. In this place you will see some with shades of green, but especially black ones. Its size is quite large and can be up to one and a half meters long. Although its color is black, it has some yellowish or white spots. They are quite harmless, so do not worry if one gets in your way.

If we talk about flora of the place, we must remember it is a very humid area so the vegetation is quite abundant. Now that it is spring, it is very common for flowers to make themselves noticeable.

Here you can find:

Spider Lily: this plant grows in the tropics, it is very peculiar because of its spider form. Its white and petals are very thin and long.

Orquidacea: These flowers are striking from a distance, you can find them in shades of red, pink and white. They like light so you will surely see them in the more open spaces where sun hits more intensely.

Bromelia: A flower that does not go unnoticed. You can recognize it by its intense red and pointy petals. These flowers are usually close to the rocks.

If you look even more closely, you can find a variety of fungi in various colors and shapes.

We invite you to discover nature at this place. Now that vacations are approaching and the heat is starting, it is a great time for you to come and discover Canopy River. Ask for our tours and come live a unique experience.

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