The Best Time to Vacation in Puerto Vallarta


No matter what time of the year you visit Puerto Vallarta, this unique Mexican destination is a great place to enjoy a family trip in the Mexican Pacific. Nevertheless, the climate changes through certain seasons, as well as the occupation. It is important to consider the best time to vacation in Puerto Vallarta so you can get the most of your trip.

One of the best seasons to go is during April and June when the weather is great -not too hot. This is the period right after high season; it is more quiet, beaches are less crowded, as well as restaurants and hotels. Book your vacations in May for the ultimate getaway experience.

Planning to escape home’s snow storm? Visit Puerto Vallarta after November and forget about cold temperatures that could dampen your holidays. This is the most popular time of the year to travel here, temperature is in the 70s, but it can refresh at night, so pack some cardigans or light sweaters. Also, this is the festival season, you will encounter several events that take place in this destination, from gastronomic to music and art.

From July to September is the hottest time of the year, you may also encounter some rainstorms so pack a raincoat or umbrella if you will travel during these months.

So now you will have a better idea of when to visit Vallarta, remember to book a tour with Canopy River to enhance your vacations and experience tours that are out of this world.

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