Puerto Vallarta’s Refreshing Summer Drink, La Tuba

La Tuba is one of the most traditional drinks in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. With its distinctive sour-sweet flavor, this is the perfect beverage to refresh yourself during your summer vacations in Puerto Vallarta.

It consists of coconut cream and apple vinegar, although it sounds quite strange, the combination of these two flavors is exquisite. The liquid of the coconut is extracted and complemented with pieces of apple and walnuts.

This artisan beverage has its origins in Africa, but was introduced into Mexican territory back in the Colonial times by the Fray Antonio Tello, who taught the extracting process of the Tuba to the natives in Colima; later on, it was extended to the state of Jalisco.

The process to obtain the coconut cream is not as easy as you would imagine, tuberos climb the palm trees twice a day. Once they are up in the palm top, they cut the log and place the liquid in a container.

You can find La Tuba all over El Malecón area -very close to Canopy River’s headquarters Definitely, the perfect refreshing drink after one of our tours in the Sierra Madre Occidental. If you have tried it, please share your experience with our readers and let us know your opinion.

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Photo credit: pvstreetfood.com

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