How to Plan an Ecofriendly Vacation



Planning a vacation is always a great activity for families looking to have a new experience. There are plenty of ways to reduce the environmental impact and still have plenty of fun in your holidays. We hope this post can help you to convert your conventional vacations into a greener trip that can contribute to our Mother Nature.


The first issue that has to be overcome is the way of transportation you choose. Once in your destination, choose green ways to travel, like bicycle rental programs for example, this is an excellent way to see the city and exercise at the same time. Another great option is to use public transportation, or if possible travel on foot.


Another excellent matter to be considered is your accommodation. Stay in a hotel or resort that has greener policies; some examples can be the use of solar energy for heating, cooling and electric; the recycling of waste and cut downs on energy emissions.


A great option is to take part in ecological activities organized for visitors, you can also choose to book tours with a local company instead of opting to go touring with big tourist companies. Plan a trip to ecological sites of the destination you are visiting.


There exists a variety of green options to be implemented in your family vacations. Ecofriendly activities can be fun and educational. At Canopy River, we offer several tours that can show you the ecological richness of this area.

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