Let´s Go Hinking

Hiking is in an activity that allows you to exercise your whole body and to know new places, is a good exercise to connect with yourself and with what surrounds you. It consists of walking on foot mountainous areas, trails, wooded, or jungle areas, in order to approach the environment and learn from the nature.

You might think that hiking can become boring, but in reality it’s an activity that can become extreme adventure or a walk full of peace, it all depends on the place and the pace you want to go. If you are starting to practice this amazing activity, we suggest some tips to make your trip a fun experience.

1. Wear good shoes

If you are going to hike in mountainous areas, bring some special walking boots. If you do not wear the right footwear you can tire very easy and leave the road very soon. Don’t forget to load with water to stay hydrated and a snack like energy bars, fruit, or cookies.

2. Prepare the camera

The best photos are those that involve nature. Whether you have the best photo and video equipment or just take your cell phone, take photos of the sunset or the beautiful landscapes you can find, will make you remember this fun experience.

3. Check the weather before you leave

The weather can always give you a terrible surprise on your trip, so don’t forget to check all weather information before leaving home.

4. Be respectful of the environment

Remember that we must take care of what belongs to everyone. Carry a bag to deposit your trash, don’s set fire, and be careful with the animals of the place.

5. Invite all your friends

The more people who accompany you, the more fun your trip will be. Share this activity with your family or friends and spend an incredible day outdoors.

At Canopy River we offer the option of hiking in the depths of the mountains of the Sierra Madre Occidental. This activity will allow you to walk 2 kilometers while exploring the flora and fauna of the region. At the end of the tour, you will have the option to rest in the oasis that the Cuale River offers and refresh yourself before returning to the city. Ask about our February packages and promotions.

Photo by: CBS Chicago

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