A Couple’s Adventure

Would you like to surprise your better half? If you are into adrenaline and nature, werecommend a variety of activities that you can do together to get out of your routine andcelebrate Valentine’s Day in a different way.
Parachute Jump
This is a unique experience. If you have done it before you surely know how incredible it is to let yourself fall into the void and experiment that freedom sensation, but how about jumping with the love of your life? We can assure you will enjoy this completely different experience.
Rowing the rapids
This activity requires a big physical effort and great condition as you work the muscles of almost your entire body. It is also an exercise of coordination and team work. If you have good communication skills, this activity is perfect to spend a great day and exercise at the same time.
Discover together the beauty of the sea. Doing this sport as a couple can be a unique experience. We recommend to bring a waterproof camera so you can also do a quite fun photo shoot.
Hiking is an activity that allows you to go at your own pace. It can become an adventurous track or a relaxing excursion. No matter your style, hiking is a fun exercise that you can share while discovering the flora and fauna of the region.
Zip line
Enjoy together the landscapes and live moments of great emotion while zooming down the zip lines over the tree tops at a 98 feet height. An amazing experience that will connect you with nature.
You can enjoy some of this activities at Canopy River. We offer a 2×1 on Zip line for being theValentine’s month. Come and enjoy an incredible day with your significant other or friends.We await you!
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