What to Do in a One-day Trip to Puerto Vallarta?

For a more intimate view of this picturesque city, opt to stay in the north-end of Puerto Vallarta or the Marina. Wherever you stay, be sure to visit Puerto Vallarta’s special places, it will be a great vacation experience.


Activity 1

Grab your camera and a book and go to the beach! Dip your toes into the sand, order a delicious drink, people-watch and take a picture of Puerto Vallarta sunset. Go to the Malecón and check the afternoon shows in Los Arcos Amphitheater.


Activity 2

Still have the urge to explore? Go to the jungle and explore the wonderful nature of the Sierra Madre Occidental. Canopy River offers plenty of tours to explore the region, try its zipline, it is one of the biggest and fastest in the city, you can mix the experience with ATV or ZRZ and add some extra adrenaline to the trip.


Activity 3

Head to beaches of the south to Mismaloya or Boca, have dinner in any of the restaurants overlooking the ocean. Later on, visit any of the nightclubs on the Malecón, this spot is one of the most vibrant, especially during Spring Break.


Activity 4

If you want to take a break from the sun, go to Puerto Vallarta Zoo or the Vallarta Botanical Gardens to check the pretty collection of orchids. Both are excellent for nature photography and bird-watching.


Activity 5

Lastly but not less important, pick up mementos of your vacations and handicrafts. Get some Mexican candy, coffee and vanilla to enjoy with your family back home.


Puerto Vallarta will always provide a great experience to you and your friends. For more information about the tours and the experiences that Canopy River can provide, please check this link or call to 322 222 05 60.

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