The Mexican Kermesse; a Traditional Celebration

For all of you that haven’t experienced a Kermesse, it is a form of celebration very similar to a carnival and with several traditional activities. It is held outdoors and offers several Mexican food, drinks, candies and appetizers stalls  -like churros, elotes and cotton candy.


It is typical to buy tickets that you will exchange in the food and game stalls; these tend to be very accessible money-wise. To have their own tickets or currency gives the feeling of being in a different town or city, creating a completely different environment.


In a Mexican Kermesse you will find all kinds of games: marbles (canicas), lotería, fishing, popping balloons with darts, and finally a marriage booth -where you can fakely get married, and discotheque. It is usually enlivened with traditional folklore dances and singers during dinner time.


In this kind of celebrations, it is all about the food! one will find the typical regional food, from enchiladas, to menudo and pozole; also during winter season, it is very common to find tamales and champurrado. I highly recommend to try every single dish, they are homemade and delicious.


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