How to Become a Greener Vacationer

Although it is important to travel, it is equally important to take care of our planet. Learn to make your vacations more eco-friendly, and protect the earth while you keep having fun.

Practice ecotourism

Many activities are based on nature and culture and help contribute to the conservation of the local environment. Ecotourism help to give visitors a deeper insight of the places they are visiting, giving travelers the satisfaction of having a minimal impact on earth.

Choose a greener transportation

Once in your destination, opt for public transit or, if you rent a car, choose a small car or 3-cylinder car. In a warmer weather, go to see sites by biking and cycling.

Eat local

Experience local flavour by trying local specialties when you travel. The best way to experience a culture is through its food, so try local businesses instead of the food chains you eat back home.

Go for eco-friendly activities

Eco-tours can be anything from jungle tours to horseback riding or birding excursions. They arrange everything so visitors can have a memorable experience without leaving a mark on the environment. Make sure to follow the tour’s guidelines, and if you have any questions ask your guide so you can avoid any impact to the environment.

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