5 Dishes You Must Try in Puerto Vallarta  

Every time I visit Puerto Vallarta, one of the things I enjoy the most is the food! The wide range of dishes and drinks you can find through this city is delicious and tasty. If you don’t know what to order in your next trip, here are my recommendations:



In Puerto Vallarta you will find the best aguachile. You can taste the wide range of flavors and presentations: green, with mango and coconut, black and red. You will this in several places, but no matter where you have it, it will definitely leave you speechless.


Envarasado Fish and Shrimps

You will find this dish in every beach (try the one in Los Muertos Beach). It is a grilled fish or shrimps placed in skewer.


Zarandeado Fish

In Boca de Tomates you will find the best Zarandeado Fish, a place located towards Nuevo Vallarta. This one is a visitor’s favorite!


Shrimp Pozole

This is a classic dish of the region. It combines a traditional pozole with shrimps, the mix of flavors will leave you breathless and it is something that you will find only here.


This is one of the local’s favorite! You must try them. It mixes beer and clam juice, I know it sounds a little bit odd, but trust me it is delicious. You will find them in different snacks bar or even in small stores.

If you find yourself in Puerto Vallarta, visit Los Coapinoles Restaurant, here you will find a wide variety of dishes of Mexican food, from nachos to salad and fresh shrimps. This CANOPY RIVER’s restaurant offers a family atmosphere with a stunning view, for more information visit our website.

Photo credit: old.nvinoticias.com

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