Let´s Go Hinking

Hiking is in an activity that allows you to exercise your whole body and to know new places, is a good exercise to connect with yourself and with what surrounds you. It consists of walking on foot mountainous areas, trails, wooded, or jungle areas, in order to approach the environment and learn from the nature. You might think that hiking can become boring, but in reality it’s an activity that can become extreme adventure or a walk full of peace, it all depends on the place and the pace you want to go. If you are starting to

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A Couple’s Adventure

Would you like to surprise your better half? If you are into adrenaline and nature, werecommend a variety of activities that you can do together to get out of your routine andcelebrate Valentine’s Day in a different way. Parachute Jump This is a unique experience. If you have done it before you surely know how incredible it is to let yourself fall into the void and experiment that freedom sensation, but how about jumping with the love of your life? We can assure you will enjoy this completely different experience. Rowing

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Celebrate Thanksgiving in Puerto Vallarta

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated by Americans on the last Thursday of November. It celebrates the story of the Pilgrim’s meal with the Native Americans, to give thanks and spend time with the loved ones. Traditions for Thanksgiving may vary from region to region, some families have their own rituals, but many Turkey Day customs have deep roots in American history. From turkey pardoning to the first feast, here are the origins of the holiday’s most iconic traditions. First Feast. Back in 1621, the first American

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Day of the Dead in Puerto Vallarta

In Puerto Vallarta, the dead will soon walk among the living and the party will begin. Starting on October 29th and continuing on through November 2nd, our loved ones will rise from their graves and join us in celebration. Mexican ancient history says that when a person dies their spirit lives on Mictlan which is a place where spirits rest peacefully until the Day of the Dead when they return to their homes to visit their families. Nowadays, Mexican families go to the cemetery and decorate their relatives’ graves, and make

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Halloween in Puerto Vallarta

Halloween in Puerto Vallarta Halloween is celebrated in many countries on October 31st. It is a Christian holiday and begins the three-day observance Allhallowtide, the time in the liturgical year dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints, martyrs and all the departed, by attending church services and lighting candles on the graves of the dead. Some of the activities include trick-or-treating, which is the most popular specially for the children, attending costume parties, decorating, carving pumpkins into

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Off-road Adventures

This unique opportunity to explore unknown roads can be experienced in many ways, but there's no way you can't travel these trails without our vehicles of pure fun. The adrenaline will travel your entire body every time you accelerate these small vehicles totally equipped to provide efficiency and effectiveness so that you can drive any type of ground you might face, some of the accessories available for these vehicles are the luminous bars of led which will keep the road illuminated no matter the condition, fog

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What to Eat After your Tour

Puerto Vallarta is known for it’s sun and sea but also for it’s wonderful restaurants. The food is so exquisite that first-time visitors always come back for more. It also has a huge variety of options and you’re offered an exceptional quality of food. During the last three decades, chefs from all over the world have expanded the culinary art beyond seafood and Mexican food. You’ll find cuisine from almost every place of the world, from kebabs to street-side tacos and neighborhood fondas. You’ll also find fancy

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Reasons to Connect with Nature in Puerto Vallarta

You probably have noticed that you feel happier if you spend time in nature; one of the theories says that we love nature because we evolve in it, we need it for our well being since it is in our DNA. Once you start reconnecting with Mother Nature, amazing things will start happening to your mind and body.

Firstly, it has health benefits. It is about soaking the sunshine, breathing fresh air and walking around. It is also great to disconnect from your world; it turns off distractions that can cause stress and

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Reasons to Travel More Often

Travel is the best investment. With its endless benefits, traveling is the only thing that you buy and makes you richer.

Whether you're traveling for business, or a family holiday here are some reasons why you need to travel more often:

You feel more rested and relaxed. Getting away from the everyday stress, helps your body and mind restore themselves. Freeing your mind from the day-to-day problems allows it to concentrate on new experiences.

You find

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Best Tours to Do When Traveling Wlone

Traveling by yourself? Sometimes it's hard to find a travel buddy, so don't be afraid of being the only solo traveler in your tour group. Some places actually beg for solo exploration. Here are some:

CANOPY Prepare to experience pure adrenaline. Feel the wind in your face and butterflies in your stomach as you fly full speed at 200 meters above the river, among the treetops, enjoying the majestic scenery surrounding canopy river, a place where adventure has only one name and the special guest is you. <br

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