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What to Pack When Ecotouring

Planning an escape to Puerto Vallarta but you also want to ecotour in its wonderful jungle? There are certain elements that you need to pack so you won’t have any problem when arriving to your destination.

Here we have gathered a list of all the items you need. Enjoy!         Bring a wardrobe that could be informal, comfortable and carefree. Clothing should be layered, so you can adapt depending on the weather.         Hiking boots as they provide good traction for walking on slippery

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How to Plan an Ecofriendly Vacation

Planning a vacation is always a great activity for families looking to have a new experience. There are plenty of ways to reduce the environmental impact and still have plenty of fun in your holidays. We hope this post can help you to convert your conventional vacations into a greener trip that can contribute to our Mother Nature.

The first issue that has to be overcome is the way of transportation you choose. Once in your destination, choose green ways to travel, like bicycle

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It is well known that tourists not only look for a peaceful place, but also for a destination that could offer great adventure opportunities. If you are a person that is ready to try new and wild experiences, Puerto Vallarta is the perfect place to go into this kind of thrilling tours.

Thanks for its perfect location (located in Jalisco, facing Banderas Bay, and the Pacific Ocean and next to the Sierra Madre Occidental), Puerto Vallarta has splendid landscapes that make anyone who visits to fall in love with

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Celebrate Mexican Independence Day in Puerto Vallarta

The Mexican Independence Day is around the corner, better known as El Grito, it is the night when Mexican celebrate their independence from the Spaniards. Parties and celebrations are organized for September 15th and 16th. If you really want to live the Mexican tradition, visit Puerto Vallarta during this celebration. It is celebrated at the town main squares, with two days of traditional Mexican fiesta full of fireworks, parades, games, Mexican traditional dishes for locals and foreigners. The streets are

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Know More About Rio Cuale

The Rio Cuale is one of the seven rivers that are born in the Sierra Madre Mountains, this special river divides Puerto Vallarta into two: Old (Romantic Zone) and New Puerto Vallarta. In the middle of the River you will find an island, very similar to an oasis, here you will find handcrafts, restaurants and, even, art classes.

But the true adventure happens when you visit the Rio Cuale more towards the jungle, you will pass through beautiful landscapes that will leave you breathless. You will immediately feel

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Hiking Through Puerto Vallarta’s Beautiful Landscapes Photo:

Probably after spending some days in the gorgeous, but crowded beaches of Puerto Vallarta, you will be looking for places to visit away from other tourists and with stunning flora and fauna. Thanks to its privileged locations, with forest mountains and silky sands. The ocean, too, offers something for almost everyone, from family escapes to ecotourism adventures, but we also, suggest you to go hiking and explore the tropical forests in the area.

Get off the usual track and immerse into the wilds outside of

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Puerto Vallarta’s Botanical Garden

Looking for something fun and educational to do in Puerto Vallarta? Visit Vallarta Botanical Gardens. You will find several trails through the gardens and jungle, including labeled trees, enhancing the educative family trip.

These gardens support the ecotourism movement that has been happening in the destination, supporting the biodiversity and the preservation of the regional flora and fauna. Therefore, the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Garden offer to the visitors the scientific data of every plant they see.

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Aside from being a spectacular beach destination, Puerto Vallarta is also a great place to learn everything from the flora and fauna of the Mexican rainforest. El Salado Estuary is a protected area, home to several animals and plants protected by the Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources. This is estuary is unique, because it is located in the middle of the city.

This place protects the mangroves and marshes, as well as various aquatic specimens and forest vegetation. It is

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Puerto Vallarta’s Refreshing Summer Drink, La Tuba

La Tuba is one of the most traditional drinks in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. With its distinctive sour-sweet flavor, this is the perfect beverage to refresh yourself during your summer vacations in Puerto Vallarta. It consists of coconut cream and apple vinegar, although it sounds quite strange, the combination of these two flavors is exquisite. The liquid of the coconut is extracted and complemented with pieces of apple and walnuts. This artisan beverage has its origins in Africa, but was introduced into Mexican territory

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The Best Time to Vacation in Puerto Vallarta

No matter what time of the year you visit Puerto Vallarta, this unique Mexican destination is a great place to enjoy a family trip in the Mexican Pacific. Nevertheless, the climate changes through certain seasons, as well as the occupation. It is important to consider the best time to vacation in Puerto Vallarta so you can get the most of your trip. One of the best seasons to go is during April and June when the weather is great -not too hot. This is the period right after high season; it is more quiet, beaches

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