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A Couple’s Adventure

Would you like to surprise your better half? If you are into adrenaline and nature, werecommend a variety of activities that you can do together to get out of your routine andcelebrate Valentine’s Day in a different way. Parachute Jump This is a unique experience. If you have done it before you surely know how incredible it is to let yourself fall into the void and experiment that freedom sensation, but how about jumping with the love of your life? We can assure you will enjoy this completely different experience. Rowing

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Halloween in Puerto Vallarta

Halloween in Puerto Vallarta Halloween is celebrated in many countries on October 31st. It is a Christian holiday and begins the three-day observance Allhallowtide, the time in the liturgical year dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints, martyrs and all the departed, by attending church services and lighting candles on the graves of the dead. Some of the activities include trick-or-treating, which is the most popular specially for the children, attending costume parties, decorating, carving pumpkins into

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Mule Riding, a Unique and Different Vacation Experience

If what you want is to travel Puerto Vallarta in a unique and original way, we recommend you Canopy River’s Mule Riding Tour. This tour was designed for those who enjoy exploring mountains and natural ecosystems of the places they visit. This ride will take you through the mountains of the Sierra Madre Occidental immersing you into the unique flora and fauna of the region. The adventure will start on a mule through the coast of the Rio Cuale, passing through the famous “Cueva del Tigre”, the history of this mystical place will

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The Best PV Restaurants

Puerto Vallarta has become a tourist destination that is particularly noted for its incredible cuisine, it is why we bring you the restaurants that are not to be missed when visiting this city.

La Leche The unique concept of this restaurant makes your visit a unique experience - only food is what have color in this monochrome space. The chef Alfonso Cadena offers a different menu each day so you can be sure that every time you visit this restaurant, it will be a different culinary adventure. Thanks to the

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What to Do in a One-day Trip to Puerto Vallarta?

For a more intimate view of this picturesque city, opt to stay in the north-end of Puerto Vallarta or the Marina. Wherever you stay, be sure to visit Puerto Vallarta’s special places, it will be a great vacation experience.

Activity 1 Grab your camera and a book and go to the beach! Dip your toes into the sand, order a delicious drink, people-watch and take a picture of Puerto Vallarta sunset. Go to the Malecón and check the afternoon shows in Los Arcos Amphitheater.

Activity 2 Still

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Summer family vacation in Puerto Vallarta

You have reached the best family vacation destination: Puerto Vallarta and we assure you that nothing goes wrong here. This beautiful city on the Pacific coast of Mexico offers attractions that entertain all ages: adults and children. We bring you a list of the best activities to do in this jewel of the Mexican Pacific. For the little ones Traveling with children in Puerto Vallarta is an experience like no other. There are countless places to visit. Among the main activities, they will enjoy zipline, where they will fly like

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How to Become a Greener Vacationer

Although it is important to travel, it is equally important to take care of our planet. Learn to make your vacations more eco-friendly, and protect the earth while you keep having fun. Practice ecotourism Many activities are based on nature and culture and help contribute to the conservation of the local environment. Ecotourism help to give visitors a deeper insight of the places they are visiting, giving travelers the satisfaction of having a minimal impact on earth. Choose a greener transportation Once in your

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Best Thing to Do in Puerto Vallarta: ATV Tour

Are you visiting Puerto Vallarta and have no clue of what to do? Try the ATV Tour at Canopy River. This experience combines the in-flight thrills of the zip line with the off-road fun of the ATV tour for a half-day trip that will leave you smiling.

The tour starts at the Canopy River site, a place where you will find one of the highest and fastest zip lines in Puerto Vallarta, México. You will have the chance to admire magnificent views of the jungle and fauna. This expedition is definitely designed for both

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A Dose of Adrenaline in the RZR Tour in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, a city immersed in pristine waters where the sun shines almost the entire day, and the sunsets are one of the prettiest in the world. Maybe you already know the quiet relaxed and romantic side of Puerto Vallarta, but what about an adventure trip through the water and earth of this paradisiacal place of Mexico.

Beyond its warmth hospitality in restaurants and hotels, Puerto Vallarta offers a wide range of activities where you will be able to load your adrenaline. One of the most popular is RZR

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A Day Trip in Puerto Vallarta: Hiking in the Sierra Madre Occidental

If you are attempting to create a well balance vacation in Puerto Vallarta, we recommend a hiking tour. Hiking in Vallarta-Nayarit is dotted with beautiful and fabulous tropical views -it is definitely a must that has to be added to your list. A combination of exercise, photos and great moments are offered in this unique family experience.

Sunday morning, fill your backpacks with towels, sunscreen and your camera equipment, Puerto Vallarta’s weather is perfect for this sport; you don’t have to worry about it, it

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